SGT118X Smart Badge ID Holder Smart Card CAC Reader

SGT118X Smart Badge ID Holder Smart Card CAC Reader

Product code: SGT118X


The SGT118X Smart Badge combines a rugged wearable ID Badge Holder with an integrated CAC Smart Card Reader. The smart looking badge holder includes an OSHA compliant lanyard. Perfect for corporate users, government workers, health care workers, system administrators, server rooms, and security personnel. Reduces unattended smart card incidents.
- Active Duty - DOD - Health Care Professionals - Transporatation Workers (TAA) - Reserves - Contractors - Students - Local Nationals - Civilian - Government - Retired Military - Homeland Security


- ActiveClient, AKO, OWA, DKO, NKO, GKO, MarineNet, AF Portal, Pure Edge Viewer, ApproveIt, DTS, DCO ,LPS etc


  • SGT118X-3 (USB A)
  • SGT118X-4 (FIPS 201 USB A)
  • SGT118X-6 (FIPS 201 TAA USB A)
  • SGT118X-6c (FIPS 201 TAA USB C)
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If you are purchasing this smart card reader to perform secure access to corporate and government sites, please be aware that you may also need to acquire and install additional software including certificates, middleware and CAC enablers.


  • Integrated Smart Badge ID Holder and USB CAC Smart Card Reader
  • includes OSHA compliant lanyard
  • Dual LEDs indicate connection and access
  • RFID protected
  • Black Finish
  • Perfect For Corporate users, Government workers, Sysadmins, Server Rooms, IMO, ISO, IASO, Security Officers
  • USB CCID PIV Reader Suitable for all ISO 7816 Smart Card Applications
  • USB Bus Powered
  • Performs All Smart Card Read/Write/Edit operations
  • Operating Temperature 2-45º C
  • Factory Sealed Package


  • 90Meter
  • ActivClient
  • Thursby Pkard
  • CACkey
  • Centrify Express
  • Charismatics CSSI
  • All Windows and MAC OS X
  • Limited Android compatibility with FIPS 201 versions
  • Linux/Unix

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