SGT122 (USB A)

SGT122 CAC Smart Card SIM and 81-in-1 Flash Memory Reader

SGT122 CAC Smart Card SIM and 81-in-1 Flash Memory Reader

Product code: SGT122


The SGT122 combines a Stanley Global smart card reader along with 81-in-one flash memory reader and SIM reader/writer. A must-have tool for computer savvy CAC users on the go. Combines 81-in-one flash memory reader/writer, phone SIM Card reader/writer/editor with the industry-standard Stanley Global CAC Smart Card Reader. Ultra tiny form factor with 180º pivoting USB connector , the perfect accessory for Common Access Card (CAC), SIM, Flash Memory and USB Hub applications.
- Active Duty - DOD - Health Care Professionals - Transporatation Workers (TAA) - Reserves - Contractors - Students - Local Nationals - Civilian - Government - Retired Military - Homeland Security


- ActiveClient, AKO, OWA, DKO, NKO, GKO, MarineNet, AF Portal, Pure Edge Viewer, ApproveIt, DTS, DCO ,LPS etc

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If you are purchasing this smart card reader to perform DOD/GOVT CAC operations from your personal device, please be aware that you may also need to acquire and install root certificates, middleware and CAC Enabling software software. This reader aone will not grant you access. Approved users can acquire this software from their Command or IT department.


  • Compatible with all versions of ActivClient
  • 180° pivoting USD connector
  • New in factory sealed package
  • Ultra compact ergonomic design
  • Sleek black finish - easy to spot unattended card
  • Performs all Smart Card, SIM, and flash memory read/write/edit operations
  • Reads SDXC memory up to 2TB
  • USD CCID reader suitable for all ISO 7816 Smart Cards

81-In-One Flash Memory Reader/Writer:

  • CF I / CF I Pro / CF I Pro II / CF I Elite Pro / CD I ultra II / CF I 40X WA / CF I 80X WA / CF I 133X WA / Shoot & Store CF / CF II / CF II Magicstore / CF II Ultimate / CF-Digital Film / CF 3.0 / CF 4.0 / EXTREME III CF / EXTREME CF / ULTRA II CF / HS CF / XS-XS CF / CF ELITE PRO / CF PRO / CF PRO II / IBM MD / HITACHI MD / MAGICSTOR MD / MS / MS PRO / MS DUO / MS PRO DUO / MS MG PRO / MS PRO MG HIGH SPEED / MS PRO MG EXTREME III / MS MG / MS MG DUO / MS MG PRO DUO / EXTREME MS PRO / MS SELECT / EXTREME II MS PRO / ULTRA II MS PRO /HS MS MG PRO / HS MS MG PRO DUO / HS MS PRO / HS MS PRO DUO / MS ROM /MS PRO Magic Gate / MS DUO Magic Gate / MS PRO DUO Magic Gate / MS Select Function / M2 / SD / EXTREME SD / EXTREME III SD / ULTRA SD / ULTRA II SD / ULTRA II SD PLUS / SD-ULTRA-X / ULTRA SPEED SD / SD PRO / SD ELITE PRO / HS SD / MMC / MMC 4.0 / MMC 4.2 /HS MMC / HS RS MMC / RS MMC / RS MMC 4.0 / MMC Mobile / MMC Plus / mini SD / HS mini SD / SD 40X / SD 50X / SD 60X / SD 80X / SD 133X / micro SD / SDHC / SDXC

Mobile Phone SIM Card Reader and Editor**

Read / Write / Copy / Edit SIM Card Contacts, Call History, Messages and PIN Code reset*


  • All Windows OS and Servers
  • MacOS X (PowerPC / Intel)
  • Linux/Unix***
  • Army Gold Master 8 & 9 (driver internal)

* Not intended to duplicate SIM cards. Some features do not work on certain SIM cards
** SIM editing software not supported on Macintosh
*** Linux and Macintosh drivers not included but readily available

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