Drivers & Software for our products

Microsoft Windows

Windows users should not need to install any drivers. Drivers self-install on all Windows platforms. These drivers are for rare use on legacy Windows platforms only.
Please contact us before using these drivers.

SGT111/SGT114/SGT116/SGT117/SGT118/SGT119/SGT121/SGT122  Windows XP/Vista/Win7 Drivers (.zip 4.5MB)

SGT111/SGT114/SGT116/SGT117/SGT118/SGT119/SGT121/SGT122  Windows 98/2000 Drivers (.zip 2.0MB)

SGT111/SGT114/SGT116/SGT117/SGT118/SGT119/SGT121/SGT122  CCID Drivers (.zip 4.5MB)

To determine if your reader has properly self-installed on a Windows workstation, go to Windows Device Manager (right-click on Computer (This PC in Windows 8/10), select Properties and select Device Manager). You should see a list of devices similar to the list below. There should be a category entitled Smart card readers and if you click on it, it should show a device named Microsoft Usbccid Smartcard Reader (WUDF) or similar.

Macintosh OS X

Mac OS Install (.zip 6KB)  (updated 7/29/11)

Note to Mac OS: No driver is required for SGT111-7, SGT111-8, SGT111-8c, SGT117XE-3, SGT117XE-4, SGT118-6, SGT118-6c, SGT119XM-4, SGTiall-2 and SGTiall-2c

OS X will self-install an EMV Smart Card reader driver automatically. To determine if these readers are properly installed go to:

/ About This Mac / System Report... / Hardware / USB. An "EMV Smartcard Reader" device should be present.

Macintosh Installer for older SGT smart card readers (.dmg Disk Image File) for Mac OS X 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11, 10.12, 10.13 (Mountain Lion, Mavericks OS, Yosemite OS, El Capitan, Sierra. High Sierra)

Mac OS Installer (OS X Disk Image File 226KB)  (updated 1/3/15)

For OS X versions 10.11 and newer. You may have to turn SIP off to install driver:

  1. Boot into recovery mode (CMD+R) before Apple Icon shows up.
  2. Open terminal from the menu -> utilities.
  3. Run command csrutil disable.
  4. Run command reboot to restart.
  5. Install driver normally

DOD and US Govt Macintosh users please reference for additional install procedures

Linux Users

SGT111/SGT114/SGT116/SGT117/SGT118/SGT119/SGT121/SGT122  Linux Driver (.bz2 78KB)
Also see:

Note to DOD CAC/PIV Users:
The above software and the software included on your CD is not required nor recommended for DOD CAC use. Consult your Command's IT Officer.

Android Users

The SGT111-7, SGT111-8, SGT111-8c, SGT117XE-3, SGT117XE-4, SGT118-6, SGT118-6c, SGT119XM-4, SGTiall-2 and SGTiall-2c self-install and are compatible with Android versions 5 and newer. No drivers are required.